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Plan your must-have wedding photos in advance

For your big day, you will likely be planning all of the details months in advance. From catering to decoration to dresses and all of your guest invitations, there is likely a lot going through your mind as you check off the list of preparations. Of course, you probably found a checklist online and are imploring the help of family and bridesmaids. One of the most crucial details of your wedding is the photography, which will capture the memories from this joyful day for many years to come.

Where do you start in planning the photography of your wedding?

The first important step would be to, of course, hire a photographer. You will want to ensure the photographer has experience with weddings. With experience, she will be able to give you ideas for when to take photos and where, as well as be able to capture candid moments that make the best memories.
There are many parts to a wedding you will likely want photographed, so it is important to consider and plan you must-have wedding photos in advance. The big day is a busy day, and the last thing you’ll want is to forget to have pictures taken that you really wanted to have from your wedding day. These include family pictures, different parts of the ceremony, and important moments of the reception.

For family pictures, you will want to write down all of the family members to be included in different family photos, as well as where everyone will be standing. Typically, there are a variety of family photos with different groups of family members. The bride and groom typically have a photo with each family, one photo with both families, a photo with just the immediate families on both sides, and a photo with just the parents. Other popular photos include one with siblings, one photo with grandparents, a photo with pets, or other combinations depending upon your family and preferences.

For most of the photos, the bride and groom are traditionally placed in the middle of the frame. When both families are included, the bride’s family stands to her side while the groom’s family stands on his side. This also applies to photos with just the parents, grandparents, or siblings. Often, the bride and groom will also have pictures without their new partner and with just their family, symbolizing the transition from one’s family to married life.

With all of these larger group photos, you will want to plan a place where they can be taken. Tell all family to be photographed to arrive early, dressed and ready for pictures. These photos typically work best if taken before the ceremony. Whether you want these pictures outdoors or in a specific place at the wedding venue is something you will need to plan on, ensuring the space works for the number of people to be photographed.

Of course, there will also be numerous pictures of the bride and groom, as solo pictures and in pairs. These pictures can be taken before the ceremony, during the ceremony, at the reception, and after the wedding event. There is often a “trash the dress” photo shoot as well, but that depends on whether the bride intends to keep the dress for any reason.

Then there are crucial moments throughout the event that will likely be photographed. First, the bridal party and groomsmen getting ready before the occasion is typically photographed, as these can be fun moments you may want pictures of. Then, the moment the father sees the daughter in her gown is typically photographed before the ceremony. After this, the ceremony typically begins and the different parts of the wedding party walking down the aisle are photographed, as well as numerous pictures of the wedding couple during the ceremony, such as when the rings and vows are exchanged, the kiss, and walking back down the aisle.

The reception is also a part of the wedding where specific photographs might be desired. These could include special toasts, the first dance, cutting the cake, and other special parts of your wedding reception.
Which parts of your wedding are most important for you to have photographed, do not risk not having them photographed and plan ahead. Your must-have wedding photos should be thoroughly planned in advance with your photographer and the people who might be involved in the photos. Don’t let those important memories be missed and communicate with your photographer what you would like to have photographed.

Why Hire a Professional for Your Wedding Photography?

Wedding photographs are arguably the most important part of your celebration. Perhaps, the most critical investment, because after the food and cake are eaten, the music stops playing, the guests go home, and the dress is put away, the only thing you’ll have left to cherish forever after are the images. They’re what you’ll show your friends in twenty years The food will taste good for a day, but the images will feel good for the rest of your life, if you hire a professional for your wedding photography. How do you know the difference between a true professional photographer with training and experience, and a keen amateur who has a camera and a website, but little or no knowledge? The following guide has been designed to ensure you have the best reasons why hire a professional for your wedding photography?

Reason #1 – Experience:

You can learn everything you think you may need to know about being a wedding photographer by reading a book or taking a course, but knowledge of the potential pitfalls will only come with experience. During a wedding day, many of the most important moments only happen once – like the first kiss, the exchange of the rings, and first dance. Their photography experience behind you to make sure that you will be able to show these moment s to your grandkids.

Reason #2 – Knows the Shots to Make:

There are tons of photographs to make during the course of an 8-10 hour wedding day celebration, with some being more important than others. Another important factor where the artistic approach of a professional photographer works is the candid photo and portrait session for capturing of special guests and a newlywed couple respectively. Of course, the professional photographer can create a sense of drama and also a sense of playfulness through a sequence of portrait and candid shots. .

Reason #3 – Posing & Coaching Skills:

Style will differ widely from photographer to photographer. This is strictly a matter of your preference, so look around at a lot of different work. As you look through bridal magazines you will notice that you are drawn to certain images. If you have ever had an amateur photographer take your picture, you probably not knowing what to do and felt stiff, likely because you didn’t receive much coaching.

Reason #4 – Lighting Skills:

Advanced lightning skills play a vital role in wedding photography. Most couples will choose an environment which is dimly, or having lights from candles to create romantic atmosphere for the photograph. Of course, a professional wedding photographer will have the experience and skills to shoot in even the darkest of light, where an inexperienced may difficult to get a usable frame or something in focus.

Reason #5 – Familiarity with Wedding Etiquette:

A professional photographer has the all necessary etiquette to take pictures between a hall full of people without comes in notice to any of them. These people perform their responsibilities with minimum deviation. A professional always knows the “does and don’ts” throughout the wedding day, and can make sure your special moment goes as smoothly as possible.

Reason #6 – Post Processing and Editing Skills:

The professional wedding photographer is skilled in editing, and can make photos look their best. Professional photographers not only have thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment hanging around their neck, but they also run a business. They make you sign a contract, they have insurance in case their equipment breaks the day before (or day of!) your wedding, they provide customer service, they educate themselves constantly, and they know they are creating memories and works of art, not just “pictures.”

Reason #7 – Equipment:

One of the best things about professional wedding photographers is that they are known to have extensive experience with the cameras, lighting, and other equipment. Ranging from batteries to the camera stand, charger and other equipments, the professional wedding photographer keep access to extra accessories, lenses and lights which may be required while capturing shots.

Choose the perfect wedding dress for your personality

There are lots of defining moments in women’s lives, but one of the greatest days that every woman is waiting for is the day of her wedding. When that day comes, there is a big noise about everything, from the arrangements to the table settings. But, out of everything, the biggest “problem” for the bride is to find the ideal wedding dress that can match her style and personality. Every bride wants to look perfect and be the bride that people will remember like the most beautiful bride ever, and the dress makes it easier for it because it can help to the bride to make the choice that can ultimately be up to her.

If you want to make a good decision about the wedding dress that can match your personality, you should focus on the most important elements: the silhouette, the neckline and the fabric.

Why the silhouette is important? Well, actually that has the biggest impact of the style of the bride. First of all when the bride starts to look for a wedding dress, the silhouette is the first thing that she has to pay a lot of attention. There are some of the most common silhouettes that can be found in the bridal shops:

  • Princess gowns that are fitting with the body and the end is a shape that looks like the letter A.
  • The look of Cinderella is another of the styles that most of the brides love it because it has bell shaped skirt and the upper part is totally fitted with the chest so the bride looks like a real princess
  • The empire gowns are for brides that want the casual and elegant look. The waistline is just below the bust so it gets perfect shape and then the other part of the dress gently flares.
  • Column dress is a type of a dress that is showing off the curves of the body. This style is often called sheath.
  • Mermaid gown is a type of dress that has full skirt around the knees. This style gives to the bride look of a mermaid with a fish tail.
  • The last style is the peplum that has a piece of material in the middle of a sheath type gown.
    One of the best advices is that when you choose the silhouette you should match with your personality, but also with your body shape.

Another of the elements that the bride should pay attention at is the neckline. Just like the silhouette, you should be attention if that style looks good on your body. There are several categories of neckline that you should know:

  • Strapless gowns that fit to the body and are the perfect choice if you want to fit it and to stay in place
  • Sweetheart is a style that can be with or without sleeves. This type can be combined if you want to define your look like a person with personal taste of fashion.
  • V neck is one of the most combined options because it can also be with or without sleeves. This type has its own features that you can see when you try a dress with a neckline like this.
  • One shoulder is specific type that is placed only on the one shoulder and the other one is bare. This choice is perfect if you want one sleeved dress.
  • And the last one is the illusion neckline that actually has a sheer fabric attached on the top of the gown so it gives to the dress a look of a gentle and romantic wedding dress.

The last element is to pay attention on the fabric. Actually you should decide what you really want:

  • Lace that gives you romantic look
  • A satin like a base of the dress with lace under it
  • Silk that is a luxurious choice for a dress
  • Tulle that gives you fantastic look
  • Chiffon that gives a soft and romantic look to your dress.

These are the main elements that every bride should pay attention on if she wants to have the wedding dress that can match to her personality, because when she already have the basics of what should her wedding dress looks like, she will combine it with her taste and style so the wedding dress will be ideal for her personality.